Introducing The Sidekick In-Ear Monitor

Bubblebee Industries has launched a range of in-ear comms earpieces called The Sidekick In-Ear Monitors, and they’re tiny!

The Bubblebee Sidekick In-Ear Monitor

Having branched out from making wind protection and microphone accessories, Bubblebee’s new product range, The Sidekick In-Ear Monitors, has been dubbed the ultimate communications earpiece set for comfort and speech intelligibility. Built to tackle the often-uncomfortable experience of being hooked up to an earpiece for extended periods of time, The Sidekick features the world’s first micro speaker solution for wireless receivers where the entire driver fits comfortably inside the ear canal.

This means it’s practically invisible, delivering crystal-clear, high fidelity cues or comms to the wearer. It does so without impeding the ambient sound of the wearer’s environment, reducing fatigue and allowing for a far more natural and comfortable experience.

The Sidekick is invisible when worn

The Sidekick’s miniature driver technology was initially developed with the help of Denmark’s top hearing aid expert and licensed to Bubblebee Industries by N-Ear in 2018. Bubblebee has adapted the technology for the needs of the broadcast industry and has high hopes that The Sidekick will help to make uncomfortable in-ear communications a thing of the past.

Bubblebee founder and CEO Poul Mejer says, “When I started Bubblebee Industries I was totally focused on maintaining the highest quality audio, and this is why we are very excited to keep the tradition going with The Sidekick and keep offering only the best possible products to our broadcast and film sound friends.”

With its extremely small and lightweight footprint, its driver weighing in at a miniscule 360 milligrams, it is an excellent alternative to other in-ear monitors such as earwigs and acoustic tubes as it is wearable for up to 20-hour shifts with no fatigue. The Sidekick is available now in Mono (Left), Mono (Right) and Stereo variants, with Clear or Brown cables and a full range of accessories including three different eartips offering varying levels of environmental attenuation. The Sidekick range will also be covered by Bubblebee Industries’ 2-year limited warranty.

Check out The Sidekick range here.